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Compliance Kit For Mid Row & Rear Van Seats In Conversion Vans

Keep your most precious cargo safe in the unfortunate event of an accident with this compliance kit for your conversion van's rear seats. Designed to keep seats held in place, this kit is a necessary piece of your conversion van.  Product Details...

Current Sensing Dual Sofa Control

Plug the motors which power your sofa in the rear of your conversion van into this dual sofa control panel. With forward, up, back, and down plug ins, you can move your couch in any direction to make yourself comfortable.  Product Details...

Four Button Power Sofa Panel With Forward/Back & Up/ Down

Easily control the sofa in your conversion van with this easy to use forward, back, up, and down buttons. Adjusting your sofa has never been easier!  Product Details...

Rostra Power Lumbar Seat Support System

Seat Lumbar System, Power, Front Mount, Kit These Rostra power lumbar support systems give you extra support for your back. They feature an electric pump and valve assembly that inflates or deflates the lumbar support with a flip of the control switch.  Product Details...

Sofa Clamp Kit For Conversion Vans

Clamp your sofa seat to the floor of your conversion van with this kit. This item will work with many different styles of sofas and brands of vans.  Product Details...

Two Button Sofa Recline & Slide Switch

Slide and recline the sofa in your conversion van with ease with this simple two button switch. Simply press the buttons and your sofa will automatically slide or recline.  Product Details...